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A Whole Health Innovation Sandbox

We are reinventing healthcare based on the principles of functional medicine and holistic health to improve health and lower health care costs

Our Mission: To Make Whole Health Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere

Our Goal: To Support the Health Goals of 100 Million People By 2025

Why: Whole Health is the Way to Heal Ourselves and Our Planet 

Choose a Sustainable Form of Health Care

With A Care Plan and Subscription Tailored to YOUR Needs


Prolong Your Life, Nourish Your Destiny

Addressing the Root Cause Of Disease to Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease


Incorporating the Principles of Functional and Integrative Medicine


Health Care WHEN You Want It, WHERE You Want It, With Actionable Results WHEN You Need It

A Fresh Look At 


Health Care That Values YOU

Personalized, Precision Advanced Health and Wellness Solutions


Because Everyone is Unique


A Collaborative, Integrated Model of Care

Smart Spending that Improves Client Satisfaction 

and Health Outcomes

Whole.MD, Whole Health Primary Care

the future is direct primary care

for everyone


Physician-Led Teams Offering Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine

Second Opinion Consults on Alternative Approaches to Care


Safe and Effective Alternatives for Preventing and Treating Chronic Disease


Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathic Medicine, and Energy Medicine


Herbalism, Medical Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Essences, Homeopathy

 Health Coaches, Nutritionists, and Behavioral Health Support

Exercise Physiologists and Fitness Instructors

Whole Farmacy, a Holistic Farmacy

Integrative Pharmacy Care

the future of pharmacy

Professional Grade Dietary Supplements, 

Botanicals and Health Foods


Traditional and Compounding Pharmacy Prescriptions


Integrative Pharmacy Consultations

Medication Therapy Management with Expertise on

Herb-Drug-Nutrient Interactions

Natural Medication Alternatives


Deprescribing Programs

Smart Laboratory Testing

intelligence based, clinical grade, specialized genetic and functional medicine diagnostic testing

Smart Laboratory Testing Focusing on Identifying the 

Root Cause of Disease

Laboratory Consultative Services

Specialty Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing

Specialty DNA and Genetic Testing

Smart Laboratory Testing Guides

the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease

and Promotes Optimal Health

and Life Extension

Health and Community Cloud

a virtual playground for health

incorporating social media for health

how cool is that?

Social Media Groups and Image File Sharing

Building Healthy Local Communities through

Collaborative Partnerships

Duchess Health CARES


By Redesigning Health Care to Meet the "Quadruple Aim" for Sustainability in Business

Sustainable Social, Economic, Environmental,

and Health Practices

We Promote a Virtuous Cycle of Health

Learn New Skills


Think Differently


Live Differently

You May Even Need Prescription Strength Nature

Join Us in Creating a Sustainable Model of the Healthcare for the Future

 Incorporating Smart Technology

what else would you expect?

HIPAA Compliant Chat and Telehealth


Access to Your Health Records


Remote Monitoring and Care Coordination


Science and Metrics Driven Intelligence

An Innovative Whole Health Plan

what you've been waiting for

An Integrated Health Ecosystem


Meaningful Incentives and Rewards for Clients


Shared Corporate and Client Savings

Incentivizing and Aligning All Stakeholders in the System

Giving Back to the Community and the Environment

Leading A New Vision

for Health Reform

The Global Health Moonshot

A Healthy Planet Free of

Preventable Disease by 2030

Envisioning a Sustainable Future 

Universal Health Care Access

Universal Health Freedom
A Healthy Planet

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Want to Invest in the Future

of Health Care?

"The best way to predict your future is to create it"

                                                         Abraham Lincoln


Join the Clinical

Advisory Board and Bring Your Expertise and Investment to Help Us Build A Better Model for Health Care for Consumers, Providers, and Communities

Want to invest in a scalable ecosystem with a business model that has the potential for substantial revenue?


Help us found the NC School of Integrative Health where we can train the next generation of NC clinicians to provide this type of care. We need your support to make this happen.

Angels, VCs


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Our Founding Executive Team

Health Leadership    Health Innovation   Health Technology

                                   Conscious Transformation


Ruth Lininger, MD MPH

Founder and CEO

Joel Garcia

CTO, Health Technology

CoFounder MedVantage

Serial Entrepreneur

Mindful Leadership

To Change

The World

"Healthcare reform must be about health reform" 

"I ask you to imagine... that you are in a position to make this vision a reality. In your lifetime. To make America healthy again.... "


Penny George, Bravewell Collaborative

Speaking at the Eighth Annual Symposium on Predictive Health at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

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